Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the December 2001 Meeting

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December 3 , 2001
7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                                 Marc Maheux                Jane Maheux    
Richard Eldred
Roger Koniuto                                
                                                 Guest Present
                                                 Bob Martelle

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

1. Review & approval of  previous minutes. Review of minutes make corrections on item 3  and change the word base to usage in item 2, and correct annual meeting minutes to include that Dick had a medical emergency. Minutes approved with corrections.

2. Review & approval of financial statements.
New financial reports were handed out and approved and will have some more additions to them and Peter will review them on the computer to understand how they work . Also need to add the CD's to the chart of accounts.

3. Customer concerns: A.  Bob Martelle of 22 Park street came to ask for a letter and print out of where his curb stop and water line are in preparation to put an addition on his business. This was approved and Jane will create a letter and Marc will do a print out for him.
                      B. Mike Forsberg has an interest in selling the water district a piece of land at 45 Pokerhill road for a possible sight to put a tank on the other side of town. Peter and Marc will sit down and come up plans of what the district might want to submit for a engineer to review. A company by the name  Forcier,Aldrich & Associates has offered to help come up with the specs needed for this project and what will be needed for the tank repairs as far as how much water will needed as back up and how long the pumps can run. Two other engineering firms were also recommended by Harold Sargent they are Lance Phelps Engineering  from Middlebury and Wright Engineering, Mark Youngstrom of Rutland. Mike would like to hook onto the water district.
                      C. A. letter from Moses Daly was read about the hours of the meter reader and Peter will contact him and discuss the problem. He will also be put on the top of the list for a new meter and remote reader.
4. Operators Report. Water use down a little, November Bacteria test result good. Chlorine chemical pump repaired and after repairs levels went up and Roger noted he could notice it at his house, subtle adjustments are being made to lower the level some. A new chlorine injector has come in and will be put on. A phone call from Trudell Engineering asking about the source protection plan around Green Crow as they plan to possibly build high density housing there.
A suggestion from Harold Sargent was to fill the two deep wells at Green Crow with cement  to make them inoperable. Chlorine was ordered, Radio System came in last Friday a message left on Walt Douglas's machine that it was there. Joe put up hydrant flags and reported hydrant on Park Street not working, Fire Dept. was notified, will try to repair on Wednesday. Emergency Planning Course  to be held on December 18th in Enosburg Marc and Joe to attend the board will pay for the cost 20.00 per person . They will pay Joe time and travel as well. Marc would like to talk to Rob about training him to about checking out meters for problems and the places with the old Crane meters and to have all the numbers on the meter read to easier find mistakes. The board decided it would be best for Rob to report to them.

5. Assistant Operators Report. Joe was absent due to a death in the family.
6. NOVICE OPERATOR: Joe has completed his 3 month probationary period and the board to ask him to continue as an Operator in Training and with this his pay scale will change to 10.00 per hour starting in December. Jane to send a letter to him

7. PENDING ITEMS: A. It was approved to extend the culvert on Ken Mitchells property this spring.
                  B. Peter revised job descriptions and would like to review on a annual basis, he would like the trustees to read them over to see if any changes are needed, it was decided not to have job descriptions for elected officials the other ones will be reviewed at the next meeting. Peter will check with auditors and find out what there purpose for wanted job descriptions is.
                  C. Peter spoke with Alan Morse about the map on file at The Town Clerks office Ken Mitchell's property and it was the revised one with where the pipe actually went in. Peter will look at the town clerks office and see what is actually there and then get advice from Vince Paradis about the best way to proceed.
                  D. Jane to finish reviewing the property transfer list and return it to Peter.
                  E.Insurance forms were returned toVLCT for renewal with some value changes and additions on our property.
                  F. Dick informed everyone that waders are available at Dick's sporting Goods in Williston for 34.95

8. BACK UP SOURCE STUDY-It was decided to hold a special meeting to discuss this in 2002. Everyone to come up with a list of possibilities. Marc to talk to Water Supply for do's and don'ts.

9. SIGN AND APPROVE BILLS. Approval on all bills except The Pomerleau Agency which Jane will contact them for verification of this insurance.

10. NEXT MEETING. January 7,2001


Respectfully submitted:

Jane Maheux


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