Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the February Meeting

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February 4 , 2002
7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill


Peter Mitchell                                     Marc Maheux                                   Jane Maheux
Richard Eldred                                   Joe Beane
Roger Koniuto

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

1. Review & approval of previous minutes. Reviewed and approved.
2. Review & approval of financial statements. Reviewed and approved and if possible suppress base and usage fees for the next billing quarter.
3. Operators Report. Water usage 40290, Fluoride calibration needed a couple of corrections which have been done. Alida Lund from Dental Health will spend some time with Helen to go over a few items. January bacteria report was good, Nitrate will be tested in the 1st quarter. Marc attended a Sexual Harassment seminar put on by the VLCT, found very insightful.

Robert Best has been connected to the system. It was approved by the board that it be an exception to the construction bylaws to be done on January 17 2002. Tools were purchased and are in use, 8 new meters were put in. Training Seminar on Emergency Management Planning on February 21 to be attended by Marc, there is no fee for the class to the district. A protective covering for the storage tank main circuit box is needed possibly an 8x8 building over the manhole cover to make it tamper proof and possibly a fence, this is definitely a warm weather project. Marc will contact Richmond water dept. to see how they have handled this.
4. Assistant Operators Report. Joe expressed a need for sand for the ice at control bldg., approved to purchase this, Marc will supply 5 gallon pails for this if needed. Joe will work on starting classes for certification.

5. Customer Concerns.
    A. Moses Daly- concerned resolved and also new meter and outside reader put in
    B. Bill Harlow- resolved
    C. Burton Robinson- Marc stopped in and she will do a meter check for a few days and will get back to him.
    D. Helen Miller- Sidewalk plow broke her curb stop while plowing so will need to be repaired in the spring.
6. Old Business-
    A. Radio Transmitter- Working but Walt Douglas has not yet finished all he has to do. Jane will draft a letter for Peter to send asking him to finish and return the key and then we will pay him for the quoted amount. The phone line will be disconnected at the end of the billing period.
    B. Proposal Ranking for Tank Repair- Peter has created a a ranking schedule to be attached to the original letter for the bids for tank repairs, Peter and Marc will create a list of Engineers to send the letter to.
    C. Compensation Schedule- accepted
    D. Mike Forsberg- Still open and being investigated more.
    E. Job Descriptions- Approved and will be sent to the Auditors, and one to be given to Helen Miller.
    F. Backup Source Study- Peter and Marc to work on a list of possible sites and a meeting was scheduled for February 18. Roger requested meeting be from 7:00 to 9:00 PM this was approved.
    G. Ken Mitchell (Map)- Waiting on response from Vince Paradis on this issue.
    H. Clerk/Treasurer Transition- Done
7. New Business-
    A. Weekly Legislative Reports- Peter asked if we would like to receive them electronic. Marc said yes and he will comment on water issues that may affect us and will bring the information back to the board if necessary.
    B. Foothills Development- Received a phone call from Les Allen letting us know that they are planning some changes in their system and maybe interested in working with us to solve their issue.
8. Review and Approve Bills- All approved except the extra charge from Wedco for services not approved prior.
9. Next Meeting- March 4, 2002
10. Adjournment- 9:50 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Maheux




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