Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the January 2002 Meeting



January 7 , 2002
7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill


Peter Mitchell                                     Marc Maheux                                     Jane Maheux
Roger Koniuto                                    Joe Beane

Rod Borah VLCT

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:05
1. Review & approval of previous minutes. Minutes were reviewed and approved.

2. Review & approval of financial statements. A Balance Sheet and Net Income Detail Sheet were reviewed and approved.

3. Guest Speaker. Rod Borah from the Vermont League Of Cities & Towns is a Loss Control Consultant. He spoke on how to save money with an onsite safety inspection, he will come and spend roughly ½ day with Marc doing an inspection. Post Material Safety Data Sheets as soon as possible. He will send information on upcoming programs that may be a benefit to us, There is a sexual harassment seminar on Jan 29 at the Essex Memorial Bldg. and Marc will attend.

4. Operators Report. Web site updated December Bacteria results good. Letter from the state explaining required testing was discussed and Marc will do the testing. A Nitrate bottle for testing needs to be picked up, Marc will do this. A check list for Emergency Planning Seminar was gone over we already comply with most of the list and Marc will meet with the State Police and review this. We need to come up with an Emergency Management Plan, a special meeting for this would be good. Marc has informed Ruth Taylor that we have an Operator in Training.

5. Assistant Operators Report. Worked on meters, repaired curb stop at Big Johns and did updating on the computer program.

6. Concerns.
    A. Moses Daly, Peter is still trying to contact him. Reviewed meter reading policy and it will be kept the way it is.
    B. Clerk Transition to be signed and then it is complete.
    C. Letter from Trent Coletta of VT transportation on paving was received and Roger will discuss these issues with him and report back.
    D. Ken Mitchell : Peter found that there was no plan recorded with the land records. Peter will comprise a letter to Vince Paradis and find out the best way to deal with this.

7. New Business.
    A. $300.00 was approved for tools for the district to install water meters,
        Marc will pick them up.
    B. Send Robert Prim a formal disconnect notice and charge him 25.00 for the shut off and also inform him that the water will not be turned back on until it is paid in full.
    C. When a customer request a shut off we will charge them what the actual cost is to the district.( In the rules and Regulations under Disconnection and Restoration Fees this is not allowed.)
    D. Water Supply's request for identification of steel storage tanks will be responded to by Peter.
    E. A donation of $165.00 will be sent to the United Church of Underhill for the use of the basement for meetings.

8. Old Business.
    A. Radio Transmitter, we are still waiting to hear back from Walt Douglas to have it installed.
    B. Tank Painting: Letter to be sent to Forcier,Aldrich and Associates by E-mail as to what the work is that we want done and if they have any alternative solutions please advise us.
    C. Job descriptions need to be approved and sent to the auditors.
    D. Back up Source Study to be included in Emergency Planning Meeting.

9. Sign Bills. All bills were signed and approved.

10. Next Meeting Date: February 4, 2002

11. Adjournment. Meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Maheux



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