Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the March 2002 Meeting



 March 4 , 2002
 7:00 P.M.
 Basement of United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                                 Marc Maheux                                     Jane Maheux
Richard Eldred                                Joe Beane
Roger Koniuto

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

1. Review & approval of previous minutes. Reviewed and approved, with correction of Les Allen and water usage amount.

2. Review & approval of financial statements. Reviewed and approved.

3. Operators Report.

  • Water use 40,281 gallons,
  • Nitrate and Bacteria results good.
  • Marc suggested seeing if the state could provide us with pamphlets on conserving water to mail out due to the drought.
  • Marc attended the seminar Protecting Public Water Systems, it was very good. He received a Contingency Plan Format at the seminar which he would like to use in our district.
  •  He spoke with Kendall Chamberlin at the Richmond Water System about advantages of having a fence around the tank, he said they have caught some people inside. They have a small building to protect the electrical and plan to add some sensor lights. Marc said possible sensor lights or possibly an entry alarm to let us know when someone is going in and out would be good. The goal would be to Delay and Deter.
  •  Marc suggest that we keep security information private from the public and also water district members so  that there is no chance of someone knowing how to break it down.
  •  Dick would like to have a special meeting to discuss the security issues for the district.
  •  Marc will pick up some deicer for Joe so he can get the lock open when frozen.

4. Assistant Operators Report. Joe went to a class on Corrosion Control as part of his certification and also met Ruth Taylor.

5. Customer Concerns.
  A. Burton Robinson- Meter was replaced and use with the new meter 115 gal a day.
  B. Kevin Milne- A leak was repaired and the meter was exchanged.
  C. Serah Fisher- Water line frozen it was thawed with a torch, the responsibility belongs to the customer so they will be billed for what the district was charged.
  D. Ronald Seymour- has applied for connection to the water system, application was approved and will be done at the districts convenience after April 15th.

6. Repairs, Maintenance and Connections- Work was done on 20 meters for this month a total of 28 meters have been changed so far. It was decided to continue to change as many as possible for what the budget will allow for this year. $2500.00 is in the budget for repairs. Dick will sharpen the districts drill bits.

7. Old Business-
 A. Radio Transmitter- Transmitter completely installed and working phone line has been discontinued.

 B. Proposal Ranking for Tank Repair-  Peter drafted a letter which was sent to the 5 engineering firms given them a date line of March 15th for a response from them. A special meeting is scheduled for March 25th to review these. Make a hard copy or pdf file and e-mail information to everyone. Phelps Engineering of Middlebury sent someone to meet with Marc to review the system.

 C. Revolving Fund Letter of Intent- Peter has filled out the paper work and the figures used appear on the March agenda, it was approved and will be typed up and mailed in so that we may be considered.

 D. Mike Forsberg- Still open and being investigated more.

 E. Job Descriptions- Sent to the auditors as requested.

 F. Ken Mitchell (Map)- Response was received from Vince Paradis and his recommendation is that the district need not endure the expense of making a mylar copy and having it recorded. The board made a motion to make the mylar and have it recorded the motion was approved and Dick will get the copy made at Reprographics and then it will be recorded at the Underhill Town Clerks office.

 G. Pump house #1- Peter reported the electrical was disconnected there because it was not up to code. Marc will check to see if it we have what is needed down there.

7.  New Business- A.  Water Supply Sanitary Survey- Will be done in April, Peter and Marc must attend but it would be beneficial for everyone to be there.

                                B. Water Operator's Certification Meeting- There will be a meeting to discuss the state’s new proposed operator's certification, they would like operator's to do all testing for their district. Marc expressed how this would affect our district to Jay. One solution Marc suggested was to give Helen a test to certify her for testing only.
8. Review and Approve Bills- All bills were approved for payment. Jane requested the purchase of a chair mat and Norton Antivirus for the computer, this was also approved.

9. Next Meeting- April 1, 2002

10. Adjournment- 9:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Maheux

2013-02-21 15:43:30


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