Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the May 2002 Meeting

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May 6, 2002
 7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill

TRUSTEES PRESENT                  OPERATORS PRESENT                          CLERK PRESENT
Peter Mitchell                                     Marc Maheux                                             Jane Maheux
Richard Eldred
Roger Koniuto

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

1. Review & Approve Minutes. April approved with the addition of Rob Cormier also resigning as collection officer. Special Meeting minutes approved.

2. Review & Approve Financial Reports. Reports accepted.

3. Operators Report.
 Water usage 40400 gal/day
Bacteria results good
VOC's none detected
Fluoride within state requirements
We need to consider replacing insides of the meter at the control building
Road signs need to be replaced state has changed the size requirements ( Roger to find out where to get them)
Hydrant Flushing to be the week of May 27

4. Other Business.
System Sanitary/Operating Permit Inspection went well, it was reported that we have one of the best operated systems in the state
Middle School Pumpkin Project. Marc met with Nancy Eames and she explained the project a letter was sent to them asking them to follow the guide lines set up by Water Supply and to please report to us on what they use and how much.
Maple Ridge cistern cleaning up of soil so that it can't go inside to be done by Joe
Dick to contact the Forans to see what kind of shrubs they would like planted after the old brush is cut down on Maple Ridge
Status of highway permits Peter to check on them
Certification Marc and Joe to attend a class in May
Sidewalks in Underhill anything inside the sidewalk will have to be raised, Peter to check and see if the towns plan to pay for any expenses to the district.
The roof on the old Control building to be checked out by Marc to see if it needs repair
Marc to talk to Bob Ettensperg about a price on a new gate
Emergency Contingency Plan another planning meeting will be set up for this and Marc to talk to fire chiefs about this

5. Repair & Maintenance.
Curb stop repairs, replaced the Erie box and curb stop at Donald Langlois/Joe Peryea/Helen  Miller
Want to do a trace on Derek Chaffees line it does not feed from where we thought
Peter Booth has a new meter and water is turned back on

6. Tank Painting Project.
The board accepted the report from Phelps and approved payment for the percentage done.
Continue on task 1 and also do task 2 at this time and verify when this will be ready to meet again

7. Meter Reading Candidates.  There are 3 candidates Dwight Decoster/Mike Czalipke and Patty Gray-Mclaughlin they will be interviewed on Monday June 13th by the trustees

8. Review and Approve Bills.
Bills were approved for payment

9. Next Meeting.  June 4, 2002 at 7:00 PM in the basement of the United Church

10. Adjournment. 9:50 PM

 Respectfully submitted,

Jane Maheux


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