Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the September 2011 Meeting

2013-02-23 09:22:45



September 12, 2011

7:00 p.m.

Basement of the United Church of Underhill



Peter Mitchell                                 Marc  Maheux  

Joe O’Brien 

Richard Eldred 

CLERK                                      ASST.  OPERATOR

Jane Maheux                                      Sara Ritter  

1. Review & approval of previous minutes. Minutes from the August meeting were approved.

2. Review & approval of financial statements. The financial reports for the August meeting were approved.

3. Operations Report.

    A. Operator’s report. 

        i. Water usage. 52290 gal/day 

         ii. Test Results and Testing.

             Bacteria results negative.

             Fluoride results within tolerance.

B. Chlorine has been a little low it is repaired to keep it at a trace which is what Marc is shooting for.

C. Aquadene ordered and received should take us through spring.

D. Maple Ridge electrical has been moved to the post. Marc rented a lift and finished the work that Wedco did not finish correctly, Peter helped with this work. Signal is tracking well. John Champlin is to come back and resolve the tank filling and shutting off correctly.

E. Fluoride reports are now being mailed to Marc from the State. The Source protection plan needs to be prepared Sara would like to help with it. The Sanitary Survey will need to be performed in January 2012

F. Sara reported that the dehumidifier is making a big difference Marc replaced the switch on the fluoride saturator. She also did storm prep, and she is planning to go back to work full time.

4. Customer concerns/comments

A. The Allaire boys have finished painting the storage building Dick would like Jane to send a thank you.

5. Repairs and Maintenance.

  1. A.    Hydrants have been painted.

6. Old business.

A.Mowing has been done at the Control Building, Well Site and Maple Ridge. The old well field will need to have a culvert and drainage ditch put in to help it dry so it can be mowed.

B. Marc asked if we should get the road at the Control Building improved since it was in the budget for this current year. Marc is going to check with Wayne and see if his prior quote is still in good.

7.  New Business.

A.    Marc reported that we will need to go to the well head and check the nuts and bolts and probably get new padlocks.
B.     Marc will check with Wayne on the cost of replacing the fence post and moving the gate, he will also speak with Steve Guay about our thoughts on fixing the fence. 

8. Bills to review & approve for payment. Bills were reviewed and approved. 

9. Next Meeting Date:  Next regular meeting October 3, 2011 at 7:00 PM. 

Budget Meeting Oct 17th ,  Annual Meeting Oct 24th

10. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:59PM. 

Respectfully submitted,


Jane Maheux clerk/ treasurer




Peter Mitchell President


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