Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the  September 27th 2012 Special  Meeting

2013-02-18 08:53:59


Jericho-Underhill Water District

Special Meeting

September 27, 2012

Debra Rawson Memorial Library

Peter Mitchell, Joe O’Brien, Richard Eldred, Marc Maheux, and Jane Maheux were present.

Peter called the meeting to order at 6:39 pm.

  1. Reviewed a new draft of the Agenda of the Annual Meeting. Item #2 is to be changed to read: To hold a hearing to discuss the District practice of fluoridation in anticipation of a vote scheduled for November 6, 2012; the hearing to be limited to 90 minutes.
  2. Joe will contact Bill Frank and discuss the moderating process of the meeting with him. He will go over the rules in place for the meeting with him.
  3. Peter will send the warning, rules, ballots etc to VLCT for their approval. He will also check with the Secretary of State office to see if the Warning and Rules can go on the same page.
  4. The Ballots are to be printed on light blue paper.
  5. Marc will contact Jessica and Sherry about getting Check List for the vote.
  6. We will need to get ballot boxes with locks, Jane to call auditors to see if they will count ballots at the United Church of Underhill.
  7. Peter will set up at the Polls in Jericho and see about getting help. Joe will set up at the polls in Underhill and get help to cover.
  8. Marc accidentally lost the meter readings; Jane asked if we could check with Dwight to see if he would read them again. The Board approved this request.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 8:13 pm.


Respectfully submitted


Jane Maheux



Peter Mitchell



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