August 2020 Minutes

August 4, 2020

7:00 p.m.

Mount Mansfield Unified Union Office Building



Joe O’Brien                                                 Kirk Patch                                  

Tanner Palmer

Steve Jennings                                                      CLERK                                       ASST. OPERATOR

                                                                      Nancy Benson                                


1.   Call to Order and Welcome.  Joe O’Brien called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. to adopt the Agenda.  A separate item was added under New Business for the application for waiver by Heidi Conger.  The Agenda was approved.


2.   Review and approval of minutes of previous meeting(s).  Minutes from the July meeting were approved.


3.   Review and approval of financial statements.  The financial reports for July were approved.


4.   Customer Comments.

A.  None.

B.  Louis Wilson was having problems with his meter.  Andy changed the meter out.

      Jamie Jacobs sent Marc and e-mail about her bill.  She said it keeps going up and she has been taking measures to conserve water usage.  Kirk will tell her it is a reasonable amount.  They will monitor the meter for the next few weeks.

C.  None.


5.   Correspondence.  Catalogs.


6.   Operations Report.


Operator’s Report.

  1. Water usage.  45,755
  2. Test Results and Testing.

Bacteria results negative.

Fluoride results within tolerance.

7.   Repairs, Maintenance, and Connections.

Kirk said July was fairly quiet.  Daily testing is done.

The hydrant painting is done.

Andy went to 5 Liberty Lane because they complained of water pressure.  Andy determined it was their hot water tank and it is not the District’s problem.

Kirk said the Maple Ridge trench for the conduit fitting was partially backfilled.  Should be back next week to finish.

The Maple Ridge electrical replacement is waiting on parts.

The chlorine pump tubing keeps breaking.  Mike helped Andy with the tension springs.  Kirk will speak with Marc as to why they went with that pump.  Kirk believes it is oversized.  There are operation things to try to speed the pump up.

The radios are on back order.

Joe spoke with Matt Caldwell from the State regarding the permit to operate.  He needs a picture of the containment collector to protect from spills.  Kirk will send it to him.

Marc told Kirk that the generator needs to be serviced.  Reliant charges $290.00.  Kirk will check with Andy to see if that needs to be done as Andy has been working on it.

8.   Old Business.

A.  Kirk spoke with Rick Hamlin on the Mill Development.  It is going slow with the permit process.  They did consolidate into one allocation.

B.  The hydrants are done.  They did have to redo the one on Meadow Lane.  The work is warranted for a year.  Will touch up in spring if needed.

C.  Talked about.

D.  Done.  Joe will take out.

E.  No allocations.

F.  Wells and pumps are working well.

G.  Billing software is being worked on.  Representative will come up and train all of us.

9.   New Business. 

A.  M & K put in a bid for $3,500.00 for the inspection of all three tanks.  Kirk said this would satisfy the State’s requirement.  A motion was approved to schedule the inspection of all three tanks for next year.

B.  Done.  Joe will take out.

C.  Kirk and Joe will meet in a couple weeks to go over the capital plan and budget.  Kirk will put together a plan for the trustees to look at before meeting with Joe.  Some of the things have been done.  Kirk believes the exhaust fan should be a higher priority and it is fairly cheap to do.  Joe will get the budget worksheet.

Joe was in contact with Marc about the web site.  Marc would like to continue to manage the site.  Marc will share things on the website at the September meeting.

Heidi Conger submitted an application for waiver on using a PC plastic line instead of copper as it is over 100 feet.  A tracing wire will be put on the pipe.  A motion was approved for the waiver.

Kirk sent the source protection plan to Andy to review and will send it to Marc.  He reformatted it into a Word document.

Kirk sent the consumer confidence report to the State, but has not heard back.

10. Next Regular Meeting.  The next regular meeting is set for September 1 at 7:00 p.m.

11. Review and Approve Bills.  Bills were reviewed and approved.

Adjournment.  The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Benson, Clerk/Treasurer




Joe O’Brien, President