July 2020 Minutes

July 7, 2020

7:00 p.m.

Mount Mansfield Unified Union Office Building



Joe O’Brien                                                 Kirk Patch                                  

Tanner Palmer

Steve Jennings                                                      CLERK                                       ASST. OPERATOR

                                                                Nancy Benson                                   Andy Forsberg


1.   Call to Order and Welcome.  Joe O’Brien called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. to adopt the Agenda.  A separate item was added for the source protection plan.  The Agenda was approved.


2.   Review and approval of minutes of previous meeting(s).  Minutes from the June meeting were approved.


3.   Review and approval of financial statements.  The financial reports for June were approved.


4.   Customer Comments.


A.  None.

B.  The owner of 13 Valley’s Edge said the plow took out the curb stop.  Andy ordered the parts to fix.

      Andy moved the touch pad at the Zambarano property.

C.  None.


5.   Correspondence.  VLCT news and pamphlets.


6.   Operations Report.


Operator’s Report.

  1. Water usage. 
  2. Test Results and Testing.

Bacteria results negative.

Fluoride results within tolerance.


7.   Repairs, Maintenance, and Connections.


Kirk said June was busy early on.  Marc relinquished files and Andy now has them.


The facility locks were rekeyed.


The ECI boring job on Poker Hill went smoothly.  Marc did the boil water notice.



In starting up the pump at Poker Hill, a fuse went in the breaker.  Kirk used the last spare and ordered more.


Kirk said Doug Bliss declined the Maple Ridge amp service.  He called an electrician they use and they are interested.  Kirk will get a quote.  It will include permitting, GMP, scheduling, etc.  It did not include digging up ends of conduit.  They could start in a couple weeks.


Marc sent Kirk letter from State that source protection plan is due at the end of the month.  Kirk has started updating.  He learned Marc had a custom program for mapping with the grand list from the town clerk to compare.  The town clerk sent the grand list to Kirk and he will look at.


The hydrants have all been primed.  They started painting some and need to go back and redo a few.  Should be finished by the end of the month.


Approval was given by the Trustees for the Maple Ridge electrical replacement.


Kirk received a quote to replace the radio at Poker Hill which goes to the main building.


Marc reached out to O’Leary Burke on the RFP and has not heard back.  Kirk has a sketch of the hydrant replacement, but is unclear on location, etc.  He will follow up.  It was suggested to bag two hydrants, but they are functional and useable.  Kirk will send out to contractors for a budgetary RFP.


Andy said the CL2 pump problems are resolved for now and going fairly well.


Andy has the District computer.  Joe will look into a web site developer.  Andy will work on changing things.


8.   Old Business.


A.  Kirk e-mailed Rick on the Mill Development.  It is still moving forward slowly.


B.  Talked about.


C.  Talked about and approved.


D.  Barrett Lane work is done.  Marc’s house will be done in fall with a service tap in.


E.  No allocations.


F.  Wells and pumps are working well.


9.   New Business. 


A.  Kirk called Neptune about the billing software.  Joe talked with a couple people at UBS.  There is software written to go with the Neptune gun.  Rapid Read connects to the software that they use.  Information is sent to Rapid Read and then sent to Quickbooks. 


A motion was made to accept the new billing system as presented and approved by the Trustees.  The Quarter 2 read will be done with what we have.  It should be done and trained by September.  Will be put on the August agenda.


B.  Kirk received quotes for the radio repair, replacement and cellular.  Kirk said LCS was the better option.  It is a newer radio, but a different brand.  The PH is no longer supported.  Kirk said it was a decent price.


A motion was made to approve the radio repair and was approved by the Trustees.


C.  Capital plan review will be done in August.  Kirk received a quote from M & K Diving for $3,500.00 for all three tanks.  It was asked if that included cleaning.  Kirk will check.


For the monthly chloroforms, Marc was removed from sampling.  It was moved across the road to Andy’s house.  Joe signed for Kirk to submit.


Joe will talk with Marc about website and records to learn process.


10. Next Regular Meeting.  The next regular meeting is set for August 4 at 7:00 p.m.


11. Review and Approve Bills.  Bills were reviewed and approved.


Adjournment.  The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Benson, Clerk/Treasurer




Joe O’Brien, President