November 2020 Minutes

November 10, 2020

7:00 p.m.

United Church of Underhill



Joe O’Brien                                                 Kirk Patch                                      

Steve Jennings

Tanner Palmer                                           CLERK                                       ASST. OPERATOR

                                                                Nancy Benson                                


1.   Call to Order and Welcome.  Joe O’Brien called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. to adopt the Agenda.  Joe adjusted the Agenda by adding the Maple Ridge cistern and tank to Old Business as 8G.  Kirk asked to add hydrant issue with Fire Department to New Business as 9D.  The agenda was adopted with additions.

2.   Review and approval of minutes of previous meeting(s).  Minutes from the October meeting were approved.

3.   Review and approval of financial statements.  The financial reports for October were approved.

4.   Customer Comments.

A.  None.

B.  Joe spoke with Doug Keith concerning a mineral taste in his water.  Steve explained the statement switch to Nolan.

C.  None. 

5.   Correspondence.  Magazines.

6.   Operations Report.

Operator’s Report.

  1. Water usage.  43,848
  2. Test Results and Testing.

Bacteria results negative.

Fluoride results within tolerance.

7.   Repairs, Maintenance, and Connections.

Kirk has been doing daily testing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Andy is concerned with time constraints.  Mike has been doing the generators on Friday.

The flushing was done on the 16th.  The new truck diffuser worked well.

Kirk met with Jolley and Jerihill to take pictures of the meters because of the high bills.

The power has been switched over on Maple Ridge.

Kirk said we have the new radio units for Poker Hill, but they wouldn’t communicate with each other.  There may be a coaxial cable damaged.

The Poker Hill cistern and tank were not filling.  Marc discovered issue that it was clicking on and off.  They switched antennas, but that didn’t work.  Switched them back and the signal came back.  Problem may have been the radios not communicating.

The US Blue Book account has been squared away.

Kirk said there was a leak on the discharge tubing on the chlorine pump.  He replaced and has had no issues since.  He may upgrade the tubing with CPCV chemically resistant tubing.

8.   Old Business.

A.  Kirk met with the developer and consultant on the Mill development to determine the best way to get water into the building.  Kirk touched base with Marc about the current line on the market property line to the Mill.  Kirk said we may need to hook a loop up to the Mill.  Kirk called Rick Hamlin.  The Village of Jericho did not accept the conception drawing.  We are a good ways away from hooking up water.  We need to see a master plan.  There are two curb stops, one is abandoned, and one serves the house.  The line under River Road serves two.  We could replace and piggyback off that line.  Kirk told the consultant that we need plans and an allocation letter for the Mill building.  He sent him to the website for our regulations and fees.  Joe suggested Kirk contact the engineer to see what the recommendation is.

B.  The electrical on Maple Ridge is done.

C.  Hydrant proposal will be in spring.

D.  No new allocation requests.

E.  The wells and pumps are running well.

F.  Kirk said it was a fairly good first billing.

G.  Kirk got a quote on the Maple Ridge cistern and tank.  Kirk and Marc took care of the antenna issues with Poker Hill tank and well software.  Issue with filling of tank communicating with Mission at cistern.  Marc recommended that we repurpose the old radios.  We would not need to upgrade everything.  If there were issues at Maple Ridge, Poker Hill would control.  LCS already purchased radios with the previous quote.  We would need to use the new radios.  Kirk said not to replace the antennas at this time of year.  We should take care of the well and tank from Poker Hill to the control building.  Mission would use cellular.  That would give us the capability if something went down.  A motion was made to approve the work as presented and the motion was approved.

H.  Tank inspections are on books for spring. 

9.   New Business. 

A.  Steve St. Peter resigned as assistant operator.  Joe sent the job description to Tanner.  The person Tanner talked to can no longer do it because he is not retiring.  Joe talked to Dwight Decoster, who is thinking about it.

B.  Hydrants and meter readers were the top for the capital plan review.  The hydrants take precedence.

C.  Kirk has a quote for 75 remote meter readers.  They are $112.00 each.  It is the same price no matter how many you purchase.  Kirk said it would take about ten minutes in labor.  It was suggested that we update the bylaws to use of the newer meters in new construction.  If a meter breaks, it will be replaced with a new one.  The update will be phased in and put in the capital plan.

D.  The Fire Department asked to use a hydrant on Park Street for training.  They were filling baskets and trucking around.  They were using so much water that it drew black.  Andy asked them to stop and it became confrontational.  Kirk obtained some verbiage from South Burlington.  Kirk said we need something in writing regarding policies for hydrant maintenance and cost.  Kirk will pull something together and send it around.  Fire Department representatives will be coming to the December meeting.  Joe will let them know the date.

10. Next Regular Meeting.  The next regular meeting is set for December 1, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

11. Review and Approve Bills.  Bills were reviewed and approved.

Adjournment.  The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Benson, Clerk/Treasurer



Joe O’Brien, President