September 2020 Minutes

September 1, 2020

6:00 p.m.

Tent at the United Church of Underhill



Joe O’Brien                                                 Kirk Patch                                      

Steve Jennings

                                                                  CLERK                                       ASST. OPERATOR

                                                                Nancy Benson

1.   Call to Order and Welcome.  Joe O’Brien called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. to adopt the Agenda.  Two new items were added under New Business – C.  Assistant Operator, and D. Annual Meeting Prep.  The Agenda was adopted with the changes.

2.   Review and approval of minutes of previous meeting(s).  Minutes from the August meeting were approved.

3.   Review and approval of financial statements.  The financial reports for August were approved.

4.   Customer Comments.

A.  None.

B.  None.

C.  None.

5.   Correspondence.  Catalogs and newsletters.

6.   Operations Report.

Operator’s Report.

Water usage.  40929

  1. Test Results and Testing.

Bacteria results negative.

Fluoride results within tolerance.

7.   Repairs, Maintenance, and Connections.

Kirk and Andy marked out the lines for Dig Safe for 11 River Road.

Kirk said the CL2 pump has been giving them problems.  He has had to fix it three or four times.  Kirk will look into something different and get some opinions.

Kirk inspected the service line for the Conger house on the 19th

Andy said Marc has a program on Andy’s computer for the tie distances from the curb stops.

Kirk talked with the electrician at Maple Ridge.  GMP was short staffed, but finally came to inspect and gave the green light.

Kirk hooked up the chlorine analyzer to Mission yesterday.  We will get the readings on line.

The radios have been ordered for the replacement and should be in in the next week or so.

8.   Old Business.

A.  Nothing new on Mill Development.

B.  GMP inspected Maple Ridge and we are now waiting from Trombley.

C.  The Bartlett Lane service line is done.

D.  No new allocation requests.

E.  The wells and pumps are running well.

F.  Billing process/software is being uploaded and we should be ready for a training the last week of September.

G.  Mission radios have been ordered.

H.  Tank inspections are on books for spring.  Kirk said to call March/April.

9.   New Business. 

A.  Joe will put together numbers for each line item on the capital plan and budget.  Would like to keep the bottom line around the same and not increase the budget.  Joe will develop an Excel spreadsheet and the Trustees will get together to go over budget. 

B.  Kirk said we should put the hydrant work out for bid in January/February for spring of next year.  We should decide which ones need work and take pictures, etc.  Kirk talked with a contractor for the going price, which is around $3,500.00-$15,000.00 depending on location and complexity.

C.  Andy said he will work with us for a replacement operator.  Joe has heard from two people and Kirk heard from one. They will get back to them with the usual number of monthly hours and get a little more information from them.  Joe will reach out to Mike to see if he is available for backup.

D.  For the annual meeting, Joe asked Nancy if she wanted to stay as Clerk/Treasurer and she said yes.  Steve said he would run again for Trustee for a three-year term.  Joe would like to change the wording in the Regulations regarding costs of installation for service line by homeowner.  Joe has the annual report draft and will send out for review.

Steve asked about the flushing for fall.  Kirk said the new inchworm is in the pumphouse.  A notice will go out with the next bills for the first couple weeks of October.  Kirk with check with Andy.

10. Next Regular Meeting.  The next regular meeting is set for October 6, 2020 at 6:30 p.m., following the annual meeting at 6:00 p.m.

11. Review and Approve Bills.  Bills were reviewed and approved.

Adjournment.  The regular meeting was adjourned at 6:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Benson, Clerk/Treasurer




Joe O’Brien, President